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Whether you’re celebrating a new engagement or a special anniversary, every woman deserves a diamond ring on their finger.  Engagement rings are a beautiful jewelry symbol of your union with the one you love.  However, many women choose to add an upgrade to their diamond jewelry.  One upgrade that is popular amongst women is adding a halo setting.  This is known as a ring of small accent stones that encircles a larger center stone. These stones are usually pave diamonds. In this blog we will answer the common question “ Can You Add A Halo To A Diamond Ring?”.

Reasons for Adding a Halo to a Diamond Ring

If you want to add a little sparkle to your ring, here are a few benefits to adding a halo to your new engagement ring.

Complements the Stone Well

One of the big advantages of a halo setting to a diamond ring is that it complements the center stone well.  It makes the stone appear larger and brings out the best in its beauty.  It allows the center stone to become the main focus of your ring.  If you want the stone to become enhanced, a halo setting may be a good ring upgrade.

Budget-Friendly Option

Another advantage to a ring with a halo setting is that it could fit well for you financially.  If you’re on a strict budget, adding a halo setting could be a good way to make your stone larger.  You can add some more sparkles without the added expense.

Choosing the Right Halo Setting

One of the most important aspects of finding the right halo setting is selecting the right diamonds.  Try to find a halo upgrade that has the same quality as the center stone.  A contrast between the halo setting and the stone will pronounce the differences and lose that desired effect.

Sometimes people don’t incorporate diamonds within their halo setting.  Consider adding colored stones within your setting instead of diamonds.  Opt for a round diamond cut as a center stone for perfect symmetry.  No matter what special event you have coming up, our jewelers at Casa D’Oro can help you find the right halo setting and center stone cut for the occasion.  Contact our jewelry store today to find the right diamond ring for you.