When choosing a diamond ring, many people concentrate on the size of the stone their budget allows while compromising on the stone’s quality and setting. By placing some emphasis on your choice of ring setting, you can enhance the visual impact of your diamond and purchase a higher-quality diamond that looks bigger.

What is a Halo Setting?

A halo is a type of ring setting designed with a set of smaller accent stones encircling the center stone. Crafted to mirror or contrast with the shape of the center diamond, the halo amplifies the stone’s brilliance and creates a unique and timeless alternative to traditional settings.

While it may be less known than other settings, the halo is a classical style dating back to the early 1700s and the Georgian jewelry era. The testing gained in popularity during the Victorian period and experienced a resurgence in the 1920s. The halo has remained popular because the design allows for subtle details which make each piece truly unique.

Does a Halo Make a Diamond Look Bigger?

The modern halo setting is about creating visual impact. A series of small diamonds arranged in symmetrical, geometric patterns surrounding the center diamond can significantly increase the aesthetic appearance and make the stone appear more prominent. The halo adds an added dimension of sparkle that enhances and blends with the center diamond, creating the illusion of a single large stone.

The cost of diamonds doesn’t increase linearly, and larger stones are exponentially more expensive than smaller ones. While the stones in a halo setting may add up to 1/50th of a carat, they cost significantly less than a single stone weighing the same amount. A halo setting is an ideal way to add size to the appearance of your diamond without spending additional money on the center diamond.

Where To Purchase A Halo Diamond Ring?

At Casa D’oro Fine Jewelry, we offer our clients a wide range of diamonds and gemstones in various settings, including halos. Our collection of exquisite jewelry is designed to meet your unique tastes and desires. To learn more about how a halo can make your diamond look bigger, contact us today.