So you are ready to buy the love of your life, the diamond of a lifetime. You are ready to commit to forever and want a diamond that stands the test of time.  But, you’re not sure if lab-grown diamonds or natural are the way to go. Let’s look at the benefits and downsides so you can be confident with a purchase that will dazzle your darling.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

In a recent effort to improve the availability of diamonds, jewelers have sought out a synthetic option to create diamonds. Growing diamonds in a lab means an increase in the supply of quality diamonds. In the natural world, diamonds take billions of years to form under intense heat and pressure.  In the past, this meant a limited supply and thus higher costs of diamonds. But that has changed with the introduction of lab-grown diamonds. 


  • Price: Lab-grown diamonds are 30-50% cheaper on average for a similar cut
  • Status: The US Federal Trade Commission considers them real diamonds, based on the similarity of chemical compounds being virtually identical to natural diamonds.
  • Look: Lab diamonds look identical to natural diamonds, without the use of special tools. With similar shine and have the same clarity as natural diamonds, the average person would not be able to tell the difference between them.
  • Touch: Lab-grown diamonds mirror the textures and cuts of a natural diamond


  • The major disadvantage is the reduction of the value of lab-grown diamonds over time. Their lower price is traded for value over a prolonged period. Unlike natural diamonds, they will have an extremely low resale value, which is increasing in value over time due to the limited supply.  If you are interested in their investment value or increase in value over time, this may not be the option for you.

Real Diamonds

Natural or real diamonds are a timeless beauty, but with limited supply. This authenticity comes at a price. Natural diamonds cost more upfront, but with the guarantee of an increase in value over time.  Other than this major factor, there are few benefits of natural diamonds versus lab-grown diamonds. If you opt for either, you will have the option to select the best cut, clarity, color, and carat for you.  

Which is best for you?

With this knowledge of the benefits of both, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the right diamond for your needs. Whether lab-grown or natural, our diamonds are sure to add a sparkling touch to any occasion.