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At Casa D’Oro, we treasure the value of a strong and lasting relationship. As connoisseurs of fine jewelry since 1984, we understand the profound importance of an anniversary ring, a symbol of timeless love and a precious milestone in a couple’s journey together. This piece will guide you through the tradition, significance, and modern interpretations of wearing an anniversary ring.

Understanding Anniversary Rings

A Brief History and Evolution

As a luxury jeweler with a rich history stretching back to 1984, Casa D’Oro has observed the evolution of the anniversary ring closely. Originally, these rings were traditionally given on milestone anniversaries. Over time, however, they have become a popular gift on any anniversary, symbolizing love and commitment that transcends time.

Different Types and Their Meaning

At Casa D’Oro, our collection of anniversary rings is as diverse as the love stories they represent. From elegant bands studded with diamonds to rings adorned with colored gemstones signifying particular anniversaries, each ring carries a unique meaning.

Popular Styles and Designs

Our expert team at Casa D’Oro offers a range of designer jewelry, including popular modern anniversary ring designs. Whether it’s a sophisticated eternity band that symbolizes everlasting love, or a ring showcasing loose diamonds or gemstones, we tailor our offerings to reflect your personal style and narrative.

Traditional Placement of Anniversary Rings

Western Cultures

Traditionally in Western cultures, the anniversary ring is worn on the left hand, often alongside the wedding and engagement rings.

Eastern Cultures

In Eastern cultures, the practice can differ. Some prefer to wear the anniversary ring on the right hand to differentiate it from the wedding ring.

Differences and Similarities Globally

Globally, the practice varies, reflecting the diversity of traditions and cultural interpretations of this sentimental piece of jewelry.

Changing Trends

With changing trends and personal preferences, there’s now more flexibility in wearing anniversary rings. At Casa D’Oro, we celebrate this diversity, offering a wide range of rings suitable for any finger or hand.

Influences from Celebrity Culture and Media

Celebrity culture and media have also influenced these traditions. Some celebrities choose to wear their anniversary rings on different fingers or stack them with their wedding and engagement rings, sparking new trends.

How Cultural Shifts Influence Ring-Wearing Customs

Cultural shifts and personal expression now often dictate the wearing of anniversary rings. As these customs evolve, we at Casa D’Oro continue to provide our clientele with timeless, versatile pieces that complement these changing norms.

Factors Influencing Where to Wear an Anniversary Ring

Ring Design and Size

The design and size of the ring play a significant role in deciding where to wear an anniversary ring. Our professional team can provide guidance to help you decide on the perfect placement.

Interplay with Other Rings

At Casa D’Oro, we understand the interplay between your anniversary, engagement, and wedding rings. We can guide you in creating a harmonious look that reflects your unique love story.

Personal Comfort and Convenience

Lastly, comfort and convenience should not be overlooked. An anniversary ring should not only symbolize your love but also comfortably fit into your daily life.

Tips to Wear an Anniversary Ring

  • Pairing and Stacking with Other Rings

Our expert team at Casa D’Oro is proficient in advising you on pairing and stacking your anniversary ring with other rings for an elegant look.

  • Choosing the Right Finger Based on the Ring’s Design

Depending on the design of your anniversary ring, certain fingers may offer a more flattering look. We’re here to provide you with guidance on making the best choice.

Professional Advice

With our trained and knowledgeable staff, we provide professional advice on wearing your anniversary ring, ensuring it tells your unique love story in the most beautiful way. We understand that you might have some questions regarding anniversary rings. Please visit our blog where we answer common queries.


At Casa D’Oro, we believe that an anniversary ring, like your love, is timeless and unique. Regardless of where you choose to wear it, its significance remains the same—a beautiful symbol of the journey you share with your partner. We invite you to make an appointment and explore our collection of exquisite anniversary rings, designed just for you. Share your story with us and let us help you celebrate your love.

For further information about our products and services, visit our website at Casa D’Oro. For any queries or to share your experience, feel free to contact us. We always look forward to hearing from our valued clientele.