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Since our inception in 1984, Casa D’Oro has been at the forefront of celebrating love and commitment, offering designer jewelry, Swiss timepieces, and more. Engagement rings, a symbol of eternal affection, often raise the intriguing question: On which hand should they be worn? This luxurious tradition has varied interpretations across different cultures. In this blog, we will unravel the mystery of engagement ring placement, reflecting the high-quality service and expertise that defines Casa D’Oro.

Historical Background

  • Ancient Traditions: Engagement rings date back to Roman times, with unique symbolism and significance.
  • Royal Influence: Throughout history, many royal engagements have shaped the tradition of wearing engagement rings.
  • Modern Evolution: The tradition has evolved, with Casa D’Oro at the forefront, offering a range of bridal jewelry to suit modern tastes.

The Left-Hand Tradition

In many Western cultures, the engagement ring graces the left ring finger. Reasons for this include:


  • The Vena Amoris: The belief in the vein of love connecting this finger directly to the heart.
  • Distinctive Designs: Casa D’Oro’s exquisite collection allows you to find the perfect engagement and wedding rings to signify your love.
  • Location: Set within the DoubleTree by Hilton, our trained and knowledgeable staff are available to help you with your choice.

The Right-Hand Tradition

Some cultures prefer the right hand for engagement rings. The rich variety of styles at Casa D’Oro caters to this tradition as well. Here’s why some cultures choose the right hand:


  • Symbolic Reasons: Cultural and religious beliefs that vary across countries.
  • Designer Choices: Casa D’Oro’s collection is crafted to suit your unique preferences, whether left or right.

Modern Trends and Variations

  • Personal Preferences: Casa D’Oro acknowledges modern trends, including LGBTQ+ considerations and unique symbolism.
  • Bespoke Service: Our special orders and custom-made items ensure that your engagement ring reflects your unique love story.


Symbolism and Meaning

From the hand to the finger choice, each aspect has a profound meaning. Casa D’Oro’s exclusive collection reflects the essence of these symbols.

Considerations for Choosing a Hand

  • Comfort & Style: Our staff can guide you in selecting the best hand based on comfort, dominant hand, and cultural traditions.
  • Unmatched Guarantees: Our policies, including a 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime diamond upgrade, stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Engagement Ring Styles and Choosing the Right One

  • Our Range: From loose diamonds to bridal jewelry, Casa D’Oro offers styles to enchant every taste.
  • Expert Assistance: Our skilled staff will help you find the ring that best captures your love.


The hand on which an engagement ring is worn may vary, but the love it symbolizes is universal. Casa D’Oro’s journey has been marked by celebrating this love, with an extraordinary range of products and repair services for watches and jewelry.


Make An Appointment with Casa D’Oro today, and let our experts guide you in finding the perfect symbol of your love. Explore our Blog for more insights or Contact Us for information on our wide range of offerings.