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The baguette-cut diamond is a rectangular-shaped diamond, a member of the step cut family. The baguette cut is part of the “step cut” family along with the emerald and Asscher cut diamonds. While they may all look similar there are some key differences to note.

History of the Baguette Cut

The Baguette cut got its rise during the Art Deco and the Art Nouveau periods of the ‘20s and ‘30s. Both the French bread and the diamond got their name from the French word for “stick.” The diamond however, did not get its name from the bread. 

Jewelers started using baguette-cut diamonds in all sorts of jewelry, from pendants to rings. 

Today, the popularity of the baguette cut has switched from being the main stone to being the accent stone. Which is also why jewelers started using baguette-cut diamond in all sorts of jewelry, from pendants to rings. If done correctly, a more extended baguette can be used as a center stone. 

Characteristics Of Baguette Cut Diamonds


The baguette has a lesser number of facets, leading to a lack of brilliance. It will not shine or sparkle like others that are in the step-cut family. It is recommended to purchase higher quality grade so that there is more of a sparkle. This minimizes any imperfections you see with the naked-eye. 


It is best to color match the center stone. Many use this diamond cut as accent diamonds. It is best to get the highest color grade you can as well. This is especially important to do if you get a diamond that is closer to white. This minimizes the difference in color. 

The Baguette Cut vs Other Cuts

  • Emerald cuts have up to 58 facets, while baguettes only have 14 facets
  • Baguette cuts are typically sold in smaller carats than the other cuts 
  • Perfectly squared edges


While these are a very vintage style and perfect for that classic design, the baguette cut diamonds are perfect as side stones for eternity bands. These cuts are also good as accent stones in engagement rings and in wedding bands.  


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