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A clarity-enhanced diamond is a natural diamond with inclusions that through modern techniques, were “filled” to make the inclusions less visible. The enhancement process that fills the large inclusions on a diamond has the same optical appearance as a flawless diamond. This means that light can travel through the stone as if the inclusions were not there at all. This will give a lower-quality diamond the same sparkle and shine as a diamond of a comparable grade. 

Fracture Filling Enhancement

There are two main processes by which diamonds are clarity enhanced. Both of these methods help fill the inclusions that are found in lower clarity-rated diamonds. 

The first method is fracture filling. This process injects the diamond with a glass-like resin. The resin will flow into gaps, cracks, and other inclusions. As it flows into the diamond it fills and seals the small cracks. This will make the inclusions appear naked to the human eye. 

In some cases, this method does not remove all imperfections. Sometimes, it may give the inclusions a stream filled with air bubbles. In some rare cases, small cracks or fractures may look like a white scratch or web-like. 

Laser Drilling

This process uses heat or injects chemicals into the diamond so that whatever inclusions are more of a discoloration, it makes them less visible. By using a laser drilling process, thin white lines or tunnels may appear since they do not follow the diamond’s natural growth pattern. 

Many times, when diamonds are clarity enhanced, they are first laser drilled, followed by a fracture fill. When diamonds are enhanced with laser drilling, they can also make black or discolored diamonds appear white again. 

The Cost of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Since the clarity levels on the clarity enhanced diamonds are technically lower, this gives the overall diamond a lower quality value. This means that a diamond that is clarity-enhanced will be lower compared to any non-enhanced diamonds.

Since clarity-enhanced diamonds are cheaper than a higher-quality grade diamond, this means that you can now afford a larger center diamond at a similar quality-grade appearance.  The clarity enhancement process does not affect any other property like color, cut, or carat weight.


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