Cushion cut diamonds have regained popularity, pulling the old mine cutting technique out of obscurity. They get their signature look from an old diamond cut – the old mine cut, from diamond mines in Brazil in the 1700s. The cushion cut is a harmonious combination of traditional cut diamonds and a modern touch. Cushion cut diamonds take the gold in favorite diamond styles on engagement rings today.

Characteristic Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

A cushion cut is characterized by square, or near-rectangular shapes. They have rounded edges and corners, similar to the old mine cut. They are famous for their round and softly pointed edges. They have a length to width ratio of between 1 and 1.05. The rarer cushion cuts have a ratio of 20 or even 30, giving them a rectangular look.


Cushion cut diamonds reflect more color than most other cuts. Most colored gems are presented as a cushion cut to get the most out of their colors.


Since most cushion cut diamonds are multifaceted, they give off a lot of brilliance and appear very sparkly. This masks most of the stones’ inclusions and appears clean to the eye.

Types Of Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are two variations to cushion cut diamonds:

  • The standard cushion cut has broad facets and is very similar to the old mine cut, giving off an antique vibe.
  • The modified cushion cut is more modern and has an extra row of facets, giving it a broken and splintery look. It is also sometimes called the modified cushion brilliant cut.

The Pros And Cons Of Cushion Cut Diamonds


  • It gives a very shiny gem with great brilliance.
  • It can last for edges because of the rounded edges and corners.
  • It is not as pricey per carat as a brilliant round cut diamond. 
  • There is a wide variety of stones to choose from, since it’s a very popular cut.


  • The open table of the cushion cut gives a clear line of sight to the diamond’s imperfections.


Since there is a large variety to choose from, you’ll need time and patience to find a high-quality gem. The cushion cut is applicable in lots of diamond settings – a double halo or minimalistic setting. If you choose a cushion cut diamond, you are guaranteed to get a unique piece. Get in touch with Casa D’Oro for help finding the perfect cushion cut diamond.