When shopping for diamonds, there are many technical terms to understand. While it may seem overwhelming, knowing these terms will ensure you get the quality of diamond you are looking for. VVS diamonds are perfect for particular cuts or for anyone who desires near flawlessness in their diamond. 

VVS Diamonds

Very Very Slightly Included (VVS) diamonds refer to the clarity of the diamond. A VVS diamond is not flawless; however, any inclusions that may exist are not visible to the naked eye. The clarity grade scale for diamonds ranges from Internally Flawless (IF) to Inclusions (I) 3. 

Even at the VVS grade, there are VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds. The difference between the two is where the inclusion is located. In VVS1 diamonds, the inclusion may be on the bottom or the pavilion of the diamond, whereas, in VVS2 diamonds, an inclusion is more likely to be on top of the diamond or the crown. Regardless of the location of the inclusion, it will be minimal and invisible without magnification. 

Why Clarity Grade Matters

There are several reasons diamond clarity matters, with the most obvious being the satisfaction of knowing you own a near flawless diamond. While that is certainly reason enough, there are a few others to consider:

Diamond Cut

In a step-cut diamond, such as Asscher or Emerald cut, any inclusions are more likely to be visible. A higher clarity diamond is needed with these cuts as the cut itself does not compensate for lower grade clarity.

Diamond Size

It stands to reason that a larger carat weight diamond has a larger visible surface for inclusions to show. A higher grade clarity, such as VVS, will ensure a beautiful clarity to your larger diamond.


Purchasing a VVS diamond lends confidence to your purchase decision. While a VVS diamond clarity may not be necessary for your particular cut or setting to achieve the look you desire, confidence in knowing you have purchased a high-valued diamond has its own worth.

While Very Slightly (VS) Included diamonds and even lower graded diamonds can still be beautiful, especially with an expert cut and perfectly matched setting, a VVS diamond is ideal for those who demand luxury and perfection in their diamonds.

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