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You may have come across the term diamond brilliance when researching the best gemstone for your engagement or wedding ring. A few people may brush it off as a clever marketing gimmick, but it holds significance in the diamond world.

What Is Brilliance In A Diamond?

Diamond brilliance refers to the white light reflected off of a diamond. It’s one of the optical properties of diamond that reflects its beauty and value, and by extension, its price. A diamond’s brilliance also forms the basis of its sparkle and brightness.

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Diamonds don’t naturally produce light or sparkle brightly – there’s some science behind their brilliance. The sparkle results from its cut. When the angle of the cut is right, light entering the stone is reflected back into your eyes.

A shallow angle reflects much of the light out the bottom of the gemstone, causing a dull sparkle. Make the angle too deep and the light will be reflected out the side of the diamond. The best cut reflects light out the top of the diamond, causing a sparkle that dazzles viewers.

Brilliance vs Fire

But you shouldn’t confuse diamond brilliance with diamond fire. Both contribute to the sparkle of the diamond, enhancing its charm and appeal, but are completely different. Brilliance is the white light reflecting out of the stone, while fire causes a rainbow-colored sparkle.

How To Determine The Brilliance Of A Diamond

Apart from the cut angle, one other factor determining diamond brilliance is the number of facets. Facets are responsible for diamond scintillation – the alternate sparkles of the stone. It happens because some facets don’t reflect light. To notice scintillation, some movement is necessary: try to move around the diamond to measure its beauty.

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