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Welcome to the world where elegance meets unparalleled brilliance. In the heart of this realm lies the diamond – a gemstone that epitomizes luxury and sophistication. At Casa D’Oro, where we’ve flourished since 1984, we curate an exquisite range of diamonds, presenting a multitude of cuts that resonate with grace and grandeur. Our journey through the corridors of fine jewelry has endowed us with the expertise to explore one of the most opulent facets of diamond jewelry: the diamond cut.

Factors That Influence the Price of a Diamond Cut

Our discerning clientele appreciates the value of a perfectly cut diamond. In the esteemed collection at Casa D’Oro, every diamond tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and impeccable quality.

  • Cut Quality and Craftsmanship: A diamond’s allure is intricately woven into its cut. The precision and artistry that go into this process play pivotal roles in determining the gem’s value.
  • Rarity and Demand of the Cut: Some cuts are rare gems in the vast landscape of diamond jewelry, garnering unparalleled demand and value.
  • Size and Carat Weight: In the luxurious embrace of our offerings, size indeed matters, alongside the intrinsic value brought by the diamond’s carat weight.
  • Color and Clarity: Each diamond in our prestigious selection echoes a tale of remarkable color and clarity, pillars that hold the edifice of a diamond’s worth.

Different Types of Diamond Cuts

In the heart of Casa D’Oro, located within the sumptuous realm of DoubleTree by Hilton, a spectrum of diamond cuts unveils itself, each with a unique signature of brilliance and style.

  • Round Brilliant
  • Princess Cut
  • Oval Cut

And many more luxurious cuts that echo tales of beauty and finesse.

The Most Expensive Diamond Cut: Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant reigns supreme in the hierarchy of diamond cuts. Its captivating brilliance and timeless appeal have adorned our exclusive collections, enchanting our clientele with its fire and scintillation.

Comparing Costs: Round Brilliant vs Other Cuts

Our expertise, cultivated since 1984, allows us to present a nuanced comparative analysis that illuminates the economic landscape of various diamond cuts. Navigate through our thoughtful insights to explore the price dimensions that shape the aura of each cut.

The Rarity and Exclusivity of Other Cuts

Dive into the realm of rarity with cuts that embody exclusivity. Cuts such as the Pink Star and Blue Moon illuminate our collection with their distinct charm and unprecedented value.

How to Choose the Right Diamond Cut

Allow us to guide you through the pathways that lead to the perfect diamond cut. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff stands as the beacon of guidance, ensuring that your choice resonates with your style and the occasion’s significance.


Our esteemed collection, from designer jewelry to exquisite diamonds, speaks volumes of our unwavering commitment to quality and luxury since 1984. We invite you to explore the radiant world of Casa D’Oro’s diamonds, where each cut presents a symphony of brilliance and elegance.

We encourage our cherished clientele to immerse themselves further in the world of exquisite diamonds and fine jewelry. Make an appointment and allow us to guide you through a personalized experience, marked by expertise and a warm appreciation for your unique preferences.

Experience the luxurious realm of Casa D’Oro, where elegance finds its true meaning.