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Jewelry Buying


Always keep in mind that karat is a measure of the gold content. In general, a higher karat commands a higher price. Karat gold jewelry should have the karat number stamped on the piece along with the manufacturer’s identifying mark.


Casa D’Oro understands the care and precision needed to create a beautiful diamond and can guide you through the 4 Cs of diamond quality and value. Of these 4 Cs, cut is most important. Just as fine silk material needs a good tailor to create a quality garment, the diamond cutter controls the fire and brilliance of a diamond.

A diamond grading report from Casa D’Oro provides a complete grading analysis of color, clarity and carat weight.

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones range from the ever-popular ruby to the rare chameleon-like alexandrite, thus each gemstone may range in color, price, durability and quality. For many colored stones, the intensity of color is the key to value. Depending on your personal preference, Casa D’Oro can introduce you to an array of gemstones that will please your eye and accent your wardrobe. Casa D’Oro can also give you information on the proper care to insure lasting satisfaction, continued enjoyment and years of pleasurable wear.


Key characteristics that affect their value and beauty are luster, smoothness and color. Luster offers reflection of overhead light. Pearls with better reflection have higher luster and, like the sparkle of a diamond, will command attention from across the room.

A smooth surface on a pearl is free of blemishes, however, small blemishes may not be visible at arm’s length. The size, location and number of blemishes affect not only its beauty, but also its value.

Traditionally, the white pearl that shows a rosé overtone was considered most valuable. Although you should choose the color that compliments your skin tone, hair and eyes.

The shape of the cultured pearl also affects price. A premium is paid for round cultured pearls. Size is a factor – larger pearls are more rare and therefore more costly.